Rug Cleaning Process

The Method and Process

Taking care of many clients and their beautiful rugs over the years, we developed a detailed process for the care of area rugs, in which there is room for the necessary adjustment between one rug and another.

Step 1 | Inspection

Arriving at your home, we inspect the rug, asking questions in order to understand what needs to be done and how. This way we can offer you a treatment course that apply to your needs and budget.

Step 2 | Dusting

Often overlooked by many cleaners (even professional ones), the dusting process removes all dust, grime and dirt out of the rug before any cleaning materials or water is used. Allowing for dirt to come out first, we avoid grime being stucked even further between the rug’s fibers, making it easier for the cleaning products to do their job.

Step 3 | Cleaning

The cleaning step is done with the steam cleaning method, completely natural and non toxic, using only green cleaning products and procedures. Our top of the line machines will get in deep and clean the rug inside out, bringing out the color, character and style of the rug out, so its fine qualities can shine as it once used to.

Step 4 | Drying

After getting the rug wet, we need to dry it completely before doing anything else. For that cause we use our own climate controlled room, designed specially for this step. Drying at the optimal temperature, the rug is “nursed” right back to health and beauty.

Step 5 | Touch Up

The touch up step is used to go over again, with a fresh new set of eyes over the entire process, making sure it was done properly and that the results are to our satisfaction. If something needs to be done again, or any part of the treatment needs a correction, we handle it.

Step 6 | Delivery

The best step of them all, when we get to deliver the rug back to our client (with our free pick and delivery service), and roll it out on its original location. Then we get to see our client happy and often surprised at the renewed rug and great results we got.

When you do it right – the results are amazing.

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