Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Isn’t Its Time to Get The Office Some Air?

Carpets are great for a home and especially an office. They help considerably with noise isolation, giving the entire office a cozy, warm feeling and serving as a good working atmosphere.

But as time passes, dirt and dust, as well as dust mites and other allergens (even bacteria) accumulate, presenting dirty look and a very unpleasant distinct odor. Other than posing a health risk, it’s also bad for business and for company assets.

We offer a complete renovation of your office carpets, a new wall to wall freshness.

We employ our deep cleaning method on the carpet, utilizing our many years of commercial work experience in NYC and its surroundings, along with top of the line equipment, for maximum results.

During the cleaning, we:

– Eliminate all spots and stains.
– Eliminate all allergens, dust mites and bacteria.
– Dig deep into the carpet, extracting all embedded dirt.
– Use a carpet deodorizer to give it a fresh new smell (free of charge).

We do all that, while creating the least noise and abstraction to your place of business as possible, leaving after us a clean, tidy area, but most of all – refreshed.

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